AK Skeleton Rail Hand Guards

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Bonesteel Arms skeleton rail system handguards for AK rifles.  Fits all standard AK 47 and Ak 74 style rifles(does not fit yugoslavian/serbian models).

Installs just like factory hanguards, using factory retainers. Super lightweight, only 4 ounces per set, complete with attachment hardware(lower 2.7 oz, upper 1.3oz) these provide a solid mounting point for all your Picatinny and/or M-LOK accessories.  Utlizes original factory designed lower handguard tension spring to ensure a snug fit with no filing required.
Includes installed high strength polymer universal receiver adapter that fits standard 1mm stamped receivers, and has guidelines for easy trimming to fit all other popular receiver styles.
Includes 6 rail covers, covering 7 slots each, for a comfortable grip in all shooting conditions.
*note:  gas tube cover uppers are not intended for mounting aiming devices.
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AK Skeleton Rail Hand Guards

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