Do I want a right or left folding stock?

We recommend right folding stocks for right handed shooters and left folding stocks for left handed shooters. This places the sling swivel on the proper side of the firearm (toward the shooters body). It also allows for quick deployment of the stock with the back of your firing hand.

Do I want a Warsaw or NATO length stock?

We recommend Warsaw length stocks for all but the largest shooters . We find it is easier to shoot accurately offhand with a shorter length stock.

I want an arm brace for a Galil I can't find it listed on your site.

We don't actually make an arm brace for a Galil. However since our hinge is based on a Galil our arm brace back half can usually be fitted to an original Galil hinge front half. It Will NOT fold completely without modification (Grinding a notch in the brace). The reason it is not listed as a product is we cannot guarantee product fit and we want to make sure our customers are aware of this before ordering. If you would like to order just the back half of an arm brace to use with an original Galil hinge front half place your order for an AK arm brace (right fold, no sling swivel) and say so in the order notes at checkout. You can use coupon code "backhalf" to discount the price by $50.00

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