AR-15 COMBAT 360 Muzzle Brake


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Introducing our patent pending COMBAT (Combat Optimized Monolithic Baffle Array Technology) muzzle brakes.

Intricately machined from a single piece of 17-4 stainless,  featuring 5 individual baffles geometrically designed to optimize the flow of gasses away from the bore line and out the rearward facing ports, maximizing recoil reduction.

The large number of small ports virtually eliminate the concussive blast commonly associated with muzzle brakes, while still allowing more gas flow out the ports than standard cross port brakes.

These small ports, combined with our ultra strong snag minimizing 6 prong open tine flash chamber SIGNIFICANTLY reduce flash, as opposed to increasing it, like many other brakes do.
Simply put,

  • Less recoil  
  • Less flash
  • Less concussion

Warning these brakes are powerful.

While they do not produce the chest thumping concussive blast common with muzzle brakes, they do move a whole lot of air generating a small gust of wind with each shot.



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