AR-15 Light Weight Fluted Match Grade Chrome Lined Barrel

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Match grade chrome lined barrel by Criterion Unique barrel profile offers ideal balance of weight and precision Lightweight agressively fluted medium contour barrel .625 gas block for significant weight savings over .750 .80 inches behind the…

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Bonesteel Arms match grade chrome lined barrel by Criterion
Our uniquely profiled lightweight, fluted, medium contour barrel offers an ideal balance of weight, precision and heat dissipation.

.625″. gas block journal for significant weight savings
.80″ HBAR Profile behind the gas block .620″ lightweight profile in front.
Aggressively fluted for increased heat dissipation and weight savings.
16″ with midlength gas system
1:8″ 6 Groove
Wylde chamber can safely fire 5.56 or .223
M4 feed ramps
Dimpled for set screw gas block
4150 CrMoV
Chrome lined chamber and bore
Hand Lapped
0nly 1.55 lbs

Criterion chrome lined barrels utilize a proprietary approach to ensure optimal bore uniformity throughout the chrome lining process.

Each chrome lined Criterion barrel is hand lapped and held to the same finish and uniformity requirements as their match grade stainless steel barrels. This chrome lining process produces a barrel that significantly increases durability through the more consistent and uniform application of the chrome lining while simultaneously offering national record-setting performance. Capable of generating sub-MOA groups with factory match ammunition and groups in the neighborhood of .5 MOA with handloads tailored to the individual barrel, Criterion is the only manufacturer in existence to offer a match-grade chrome lined AR-15 barrel.

1 review for AR-15 Light Weight Fluted Match Grade Chrome Lined Barrel

  1. Troy Sutton

    I have had this barrel for 4 years now. (Did not buy it here unfortunately, I bought mine for a much higher price ?. But I digress, this barrel is wayyy more accurate than I can be but that being said I can get . 75 moa with Hornady 68 grain top shelf ammo. If I went full custom loads this barrel would send em’ right thru the same hole at 100 (it does this now with the Hornady)and damn near the same hole at 300 with a solid bench rest. I have at this point switched ALL MY BARRELS to Criterion and because I did that now all my range buddies think I’ve been practicing a lot because of the marked improvement ?. Don’t hesitate!if you can afford them get them I outshoot barrels wayyy more expensive than Criterion they are just that good. Fanboy for life!

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