VZ 58 Slovak Style Muzzle Brake

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SKU: MD-SB-14100


Fits VZ 58.

Slovak Style Muzzle Brake.

Threaded M14 x 1.0 RH with pin detent notch.

100% Made in USA

Manufactured under partnership by CNC Warrior llc


6 reviews for VZ 58 Slovak Style Muzzle Brake

  1. matthew hale

    Fits perfectly

    Bought for a factory new VZ2008 and fit with no issue. Seems to do the trick.

    If nothing else it looks better than the stock slanted muzzle device.

  2. David Moon

    Great product

    I bought this brake for my Ohio Ordnance VZ2000 rifle. They normal come with an ugly “muzzle extension” to make up the legal length on a factory barrel. Since I had other work being done as they built thie rifle, I sent them this brake to put on instead. Wow it looks SO much better than what they normally use. I can’t speak to how much recoil it helps with, as I never tried it without, and this rifle has less kick than my 9mm Ruger PC9. I suspect it’s doing it’s job just fine, and looking great while doing it. Iv’e had it for a few years now, and the fit, function, and finish is still perfect. Was thinking of a variant with gas seal rings on it, and the correct diameter for NATO grenade launching. It would have to be just a tiny bit longer maybe, but it would be Boss on the rifle. I’d have to find some smoke grenades hah! contact me if you ever make some like that. I want one now lol.

  3. Patrick Gryskiewicz

    Very Nice

    Threads on easily. I put a little blue Loctite on once I saw where it needed to be. Looks great and does the job.

  4. Jacob Cox

    Works well

    This worked really well on my czechpoint vz58, and the most recent release of the vz2008 from century as well. It still spits out fireballs, but the followup times for shots has been reduced, and there is a small reduction in recoil on this already light recoiling rifle.

    There is a *lot* of slop (1/2 of a turn worth) with the VZ2008, I just placed a washer and filed out a hole for the pin to remove the slop on the century. It’s normal for AKs and VZs, but I hate the wobble. I would have loved to see a washer or two included to remove/reduce the slop but it’s not necessary.

    Another great product from bonesteel

  5. Andrew Hyatt

    Reduced Muzzle Flip

    I put this on a Czechpoint VZ-58 and it effectively eliminated muzzle flip from the rifle. Noticeable reduction in follow up shot time.

  6. Robert (verified owner)

    Awesome quality and great look.

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