12 Gauge Firestorm Muzzle Brake

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SKU: MD-FB-22075


Fits Saiga 12 and VEPR 12 shotguns.

Fills the gap between small brakes that offer virtually no recoil control, and large cumbersome competition brakes.
Delivers powerful recoil reduction without adding too much weight or bulk.
Can be used as a breaching standoff.
This is a very effective brake, while still being combat suitable.
Threaded M22 x 0.75 with wrench flats and a locknut.

Manufactured under partnership by CNC Warrior llc

3 reviews for 12 Gauge Firestorm Muzzle Brake

  1. Michael Goyette

    Back Ordered always?

    Well ,,,I guess I scored the right day, I do like the brake but the edges are sharp as you know what!!
    I cut my finger touching the edges of the circumference of those side cut outs .OUCH MF!

  2. Gregory Coy

    Great Brake

    Had great results with this brake. Good part for 922r purposes. Very effective. Not as expensive as others.

  3. G. Robin Gilmore

    Worth the wait!
    I know it’s always backordered, but this brake is so damn good, you’ll kick yourself for buying anything else. The muzzle rise is virtually eliminated, allowing (me) to shoot faster and more accurately…and I shoot 3-Gun, so fast and accurate is the ONLY way to go.Thanks, Chris for designing such a great, well-made and CHEAP muzzle brake that actually WORKS!

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