VEPR 12 (Tubular Stock Model) Galil Style Folding Stock

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Fits VEPR 12 with fixed tubular stock only.

DOES NOT FIT Anything else. 

Simple lightweight tubular paratrooper style stock such as used on the FN FAL or IMI Galil.
Aggressively ribbed butt plate for secure grip to clothing and body armor.
Optional rubber recoil pad.
Aircraft grade aluminum.

***Due to continuing product improvements and multiple variations pictures may not be exact representations.***

***All stocks are built to order. Please allow for a short wait. ***

***Due to the high number of product variations we do not have live inventory tracking.***

***We try to keep all parts in stock, but some models may have longer wait times. ***

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Manufactured under partnership by CNC Warrior llc


6 reviews for VEPR 12 (Tubular Stock Model) Galil Style Folding Stock

  1. Jeremy Burger

    Great stock, great customer service, complications if you had an original folder

    Chris at Bonesteel gives the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced. The stock is of the highest quality. Other reviews talk about a lack of a butt pad, and there is not one listed on the site. However, they are available. You just need to call Chris to order it. He does not list it on the site because he has very few and is working with his supplier be able to consistently have them available.

    WARNING: If your Vepr 12 came with the original Molot folding stock (which were tack welded open for 922r reasons so they could be imported), then this Bonesteel stock will require gunsmithing to your gun in order to install it. You will need to replace your rear trunnion (not so easy, Google it) with one from a Vepr 12 that came with the traditional style fixed stock. Those are hard to find. I found used trunnions which were said to be from Romanian RPKs at, but they are 1 mm too wide and the upper slots were not wide enough, but you could remove that extra material.

  2. Darren Gretchko

    Vepr-12 Galil Stock

    Sorry to be "that guy" to give you 4 out of 5, but let me explain why. First off this product is a vast improvement over the cheap Warsaw length wood stock that came with my early model Vepr-12 (get the NATO length Galil stock). I shot about 100 rounds of 00 buck and 20 rounds of slugs. It seems that the recoil of those loads pinched the locking mechanism of the stock closed where I could not push down and fold the stock, so I had to use a rubber mallet to break it free. After some grease seems to function fine, locks up tight and looks factory stock. Also I noticed screw holes on the stock for a butt pad, but no butt pad for sale. That option would be great. I was initially worried that the stock would come loose in the folded configuration, but there is only a small amount of play and it takes a good bit of force to manipulate it to the looked position. Overall great product, just add a butt pad and maybe a disclaimer to have enough grade in the locking mechanism. Great customer svc!

  3. Michael Goyette

    Needs a Butt Pad option PLEASE

    Great stock,,,,,, however this is 12gu….lets make it comfortable to shoot

  4. Trevor Nisja

    Best option for Vepr 12

    I bought this stock for my Saiga 12 originally. Liked it so much I purchased a second one for my Vepr 12 as well. It is a very spartan, no BS stock that will not let you down or get in your way.

  5. jeff littlefield

    Vepr12 stock

    My Vepr12 stock just arrived.
    Let me tel you that I was surprised on the quality and function! This rocks!!!!!
    I love how it operated so easy and how sturdy it is. Also how it does not add to the length and does not look un natural on the end of the gun.
    Much better than I thought it would be!
    It ROCKS!!!!!!
    These are a must have!!

  6. scott tonn

    nice fit

    Locked up nice and tight. Early working was a little tight, but a small amount of oil and light wear and flicks easily now. RH folder is a little crowded around the trigger on the VEPR12, but shootable in the folded condition. Just need a rubber butt pad now. Looks are very fitting for the gun.

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