VZ 58 U.S. Made Fire Control Group

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Counts as 3 U.S. made parts for sec.922r

Precision machined in the U.S.A. from 4140 steel, heat treated to precise specifications, with a nice black oxide finish.

These now come pre-assembled, with a new disconnector spring and pin.  They also now include new axis pins and e-clips.

Major improvement in trigger feel, with reduced creep over factory triggers.

For use in all receivers. VZ2008 and VZ2000 receivers require the trigger to be narrowed (the same modification done to the original triggers)

7 reviews for VZ 58 U.S. Made Fire Control Group

  1. Benjamin Bortner


    Light strike malfunctions now. Reproducible.
    Also little to no apparent change in take up or creep.
    VZ 2000.
    Getting a second opinion to check the gunsmith’s work. I’ll write another review and take it all back if it wasn’t the components and it was the work, but it “appears” it was modified (narrowed) and installed correctly.

  2. Peter Hanton

    VZ 58 U.S. made fire control group

    I bought this unit several years ago and when it arrived, got shelved and forgotten. Well, the wife as want a wife will be, can’t stand untidiness, found it and asked was “it important?” Me, “ah, forgot all about that”, subsequently got right on it!

    The negative reviews are hog wash! This is not a drop in “magic” fit for all! The sear to safety selector needs fine tweaking! Fine tuning for the sear to probably work with selector took meticulous (pay attention) file work! File a little, fit, no fit, file more just be prudent on how much you take away, as you can’t put it back!!!

    When said and done, FANTASTIC! Nay sayer’s, do some work!

    Final op-ed; money well spent!!!

  3. john grabe

    Your monies worth plus

    Looks great and fits the same. Much improved FCG action. This will not reduce creep or any trigger parameters as it isn’t designed to do that. It is a much improved OEM part with 922r benefit. For example: Forced March(FM), a member that provides Smith services, charges $205 to mod the trigger to “high performance”.

  4. Brandon Heist

    Long wait….

    I’ve ordered in march had a few emails only after I emailed not updated without me trying first which has been a disappointment however I am looking forward to getting it whenever that will be. The website is never updated which I don’t like. Give you a better review when I finally receive my products. I ordered the trigger assembly, muzzle brake, gas piston and pistol grip have not recieved anything or asked if they should ship out the others if they had them. Understand things are being made however think customer service should be on it more when this much money is at stake just a suggestion. I will write another review when products finally come in.

  5. Whitcomb Kincaid

    Mr. President

    The trigger has been the single biggest downside to these otherwise fantastic rifles. It’s always been a bit of a dog. This product solves that issue completely. Once you learn the reset point, your speed/accuracy will soar. At least mine did. A huge step forward for the VZ-58! Don’t even hesitate to buy this!

  6. Steve Briggs

    FCG – should be installed immediately on any vz

    This makes the trigger totally predicatable. Get one, you’ll be glad you did.

  7. Jason Michaels (verified owner)

    Awesome job on these! Fit perfectly and works flawlessly on the two rifles I built. Will definitely continue to be a customer.

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